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Bhutan Nindalingpa Tours , is committed towards providing its clients an unmatched experience as they travel through the jewel in the world’s crown. Looking through the lenses provided by us, one will realize why Bhutan can justifiably be equated with the God’s abode. In doing so, you will be travelling through landscapes reflecting the descriptions in poems about Nature; you will be inhaling uncontaminated air; you will meet people who seemed to have taken an oath to smile forever. You will find yourselves in an entirely different world, a world you will fall in love with and one that will invade your subconscious mind and become its major portrait.

We have been established to cater and offer an unmatched service to its clients as they discover the beauty and mystery of Bhutan. While our main office is located in Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital city, the company’s network goes beyond Bhutan’s boundaries.  

We believe that every visitor deserves the best service to take back home a memorable experience. Thus, the choice clients make in chosing a Tour Company is very important. We trust and believe in the intelligence of clients to take an informed decision. We would not say that we are the best. However, we have our own principles and specialities, which make us a league of our own.